Monday, 3 June 2013

Best Italian beaches for summer vacations to enjoy

Other than the islands of Greece and also the South of France, beaches in Italy draw more and more people per year than any other country in Europe. The toughest part is deciding which from the Italian beaches to visit, as they all have a storied history and separate features.Italy is known for its millennial culture, for the diversity of their provinces and for the unique architectural wonders that mark every large city around the boot-shape peninsula. But this amazing country also offers 7,600 km of coastline and also the Mediterranean climate made these shores ideal for getting a tan almost five months annually. Here are five of the best Italian beaches for summer vacation worth visiting:

Amalfi Coast

Most visitors experience the Amalfi Coast while navigating the twists and turns during a scenic drive on the coastal road. The view is breathtaking with jagged cliffs and blossoming flowers, but the best way to experience the coast is to visit one of its seaside villages.


Mondello is an ancient fishermen’s village near Palermo. It is much famous for the gastronomic event and for the ancient “tonnara”. It is full of restaurants, bar and pizzerie.


Tuscany is known for its rolling hills, great wine and classic Italian culture. But Tuscany also has a beach scene with sandy white shores and quaint seaside villages. In western Tuscany, Maremma has a booming cowboy culture as well as almost 100 miles of coastline overlooking crystal clear water. Castiglione della Pescaia is an affordable beach town with plenty of water sports including sailing and windsurfing. The best scuba diving can be found further south in Monte Argentario's coves and bays.


Mazzara is the name of the small bay under Taormina. From here, you can visit the “Grotta Azzurra”(Blue Cave) and “Isola Bella”, a protected marine area. Moreover there are the beaches of Mazzeo and Spisone.


You can go here for kids summer camp. Not very far away from Naples or Amalfi, this city serves as a starting point for many one-day trips to the nearby attractions like the ruins of Pompeii or Herculaneum. The city is not rich in sights, but has lots of spots that offer unforgettable panoramic views. Don’t expect sandy beaches around here, since the only way to get in the water are the wooden or stone bathing platforms.


Located off the Sorrento peninsula in southern Italy, Capri is a rocky, mountainous island that's a favorite with starlets and jet setters. While many of the island's hotels boast great views of the clear blue sea, the J.K. Palace Capri is the only one with direct beach access. You can easily explore the area's best beaches on your own.

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