Monday, 1 July 2013

Best beaches & resorts in italy that are really enjoyable

Italy is in one of its loveliest forms throughout the summer season. The beaches are sparkling, the flowers are blooming, and also the sun is shining - what could be a far more perfect summer setting? If you are planning to spend a great summer visit to Italy, make sure your trip is arranged with great activities for any most unforgettable summer sojourn. Listed here are four tips:

Otranto resort & beach

Located in the province of Lecce, at the Adriatic Sea, the historical town of Otranto welcomes visitors with clear blue waters, sandy beaches and a truly lovely holiday atmosphere. Once a Greek and Roman port, Otranto was later ruled by Byzantines, Normans and Aragonese, so you can expect to find various cultural influences, in the ruins in and around the town.

Tropea resort & beach

Sporting probably the most impressive scenery in Calabria, Tropea is considered one of best italian beach for summer, by seasoned travelers. Dramatic cliff sides and fine sandy beaches make Tropea the most popular town on the stretch of coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea, known as Coast of the Gods.

Lampedusa e Linosa resort & beach

200 km off the coast of Sicily, in the southernmost point of the Italian peninsula, lies the municipality of Lampedusa e Linosa, an idyllic paradise for both tourists and naturalists. Made up of three islets (Lampedusa, Linosa and Lampione) easily reachable by ferry, this small corner of heaven features a variety of natural attractions of italy.

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