Friday, 30 May 2014

Bahai Lotus Temple Top Tourist Attraction in Delhi

Baha'i Temple in Delhi is often compared to the Sydney Opera House. Located 12km southeast of Connaught Place, has emerged as a top attraction for the tourists. Popularly known as the Lotus Temple, Baha'i Temple is a major feature of Delhi and is well known for its appearance. There is no doubt that in years to come the temple will prove to be a mecca for the visitors. Baha'ism is considered to be a syncretism of the nine great religions of the world and traces its genesis to its prophet Baha'u'llah, born in Persia in the twentieth century.

Bahá'í temples must all be a nine-sided circular shape as set out in their scriptures, hence the solution of a lotus shape. Bahá'í is an independent religion founded around 1844. Their belief is in a mystic feeling with unites man with God and they do not dictate how that be done, hence their openness to other forms of worship within their temples.                                                    

The Baha'i Temple of Delhi is spectacular in its design. 27 wonderful huge white petals of an unfolding lotus made of marble spring from nine pools and walkways. This symbolizes the nine unifying spiritual paths of the faith. Experience the solitude of Baha'i Temple with Hotels of Delhi. As a matter of fact no travel to Delhi is complete without visiting the temple.

The Lotus Temple is a “Baha’i House of Worship” emphasizing in Baha’i religion. It was ready to display in 1986. The aim of the religion is to gather people of different religions in one place to worship God without any denominational restrictions. In the temple premises, only the holy scriptures of the Baha’i Faith and other religious books of different religions can be chanted. Prayers can be chanted but without any musical instrument.

Nestled in a quiet stretch amidst the busiest streets of the Indian capital is the distinctively unique and fascinatingly beautiful lotus-shaped insignia of the Bahai faith - the Lotus Temple tourist attraction in delhi. Built in 1986 by Bahá'u'lláh, this Bahai House of Worship, draws into its sanctum sanctorum people from across the globe irrespective of creed and community.

Bahai temple is most visited places to visit beacuse, it is the national flower of India and thus it stands for national combination but at the same time, lotus also linked with all the major Indian religions like Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism. Lotus stands being a symbol of religion and purity in today’s selfish world. You need to visit the large prayer hall. The Baha’i`is pray to 1 God, the Creator from the Universe.

The Bahai Faith What distinguishes the Bahai faith from the legion of other religious adherences, is its raw faith minus the pomp and show, priests and sermons. Theirs is an ensemble of all holy writings in the world and they provide refuge to all humanity, no matter what caste, color or religion. Believers join hands to the Lord in complete quietude. Even when they sing, it is only the human voice that resonates in the dome-shaped temple interiors, no instruments accompany. There are about seven Bahai temples across the world surviving the lineage of peace and harmony amidst a chaotic world shedding blood and tears even in the name of one's faith.

The Bahai temples share certain architectural elements like the nine-sided, surmounted by a dome and a single undivided room under it. The white marbled Bahai temple, here, looks like a lotus in half bloom with 27 massive petals that lie at the confluence of nine pathways and pools all mirroring the Bahai beliefs that there are nine ways to reach God. The very structure and its interiors inspire faith and tranquility. Visitors sit and meditate for hours in complete silence. 

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