Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Costa Rica Travel Vacation

 Located on the Central American isthmus, the Republic of Costa Rica can be found between Nicaragua and Panama. The whole country is spread over a place of 50,895 square kilometers having a total of 1,290 kilometers of coastline which is one of the most ecologically diverse regions on earth. San Jose is the capital of the country.

 Population of Costa Rica is about 4 million and official language of the nation is Spanish. More than 90 % of Costa Ricans are Roman Catholics. The principal currency of the nation is Colon. Costa Rica is an exciting place to go for vacation and ecotourism because it offers tourists with numerous delights from the nature including oceans, beaches, rivers, mountains, volcanoes and opulent rain forests containing distinct types of birds, mammals and plants.

 Costa Rica may be the sixth most visited tourist destination on the world. Rio Pacuare and Rio Reventazon are two of the country’s most renowned rivers for water adventure sports like rafting and whitewater kayaking. Costa Rica is definitely an environmentally sensitive country with almost 26 % of the country’s area designated as protected area. Some popular nature of the country include Corcovado National Park, Tortuguero National Park, The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and also the Insitituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBIO). Costa Rica is primarily an exotic country with distinct climatic zones.

 Costa Rica is a component of the Pacific “Rim of Fire”. Seven from the 42 active volcanoes present in the Isthmus come in Costa Rica. Apart from that, there are several other dormant or extinct volcanoes causing earth tremors and small quakes that rock the nation intermittently. read  Costa Rica Cultural tour

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