Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Land of the Arabs - Dubai Here We Come

When I heard my parents discuss likely to Dubai, for a family holiday I had been very excited. The beautiful city had me mesmerized since years, and lastly I was getting a chance to visit. For a week and have an incredible time with everyone. The holiday was on my mind all the time, and I made it a point to assist with all the information we needed when going to the land of the Arabs. Research started well ahead of time. Surfing the internet and looking to find the best places to visit, restaurants to consume in and the best hotels to remain is recommended before making firm plans.

The most essential of all is finding cheap air tickets to Dubai that provide low fares. We made a decision to travel in the off season to ensure that we could get a decent hotel package. Our tour operator managed to get us very cheap flight tickets. Dubai has a lot of tourism coming in and therefore lot of cheap flights towards the destination are serving this sector. Jet Airways, Indigo, Air India, Air France and Emirates are lots of cheap flights to Dubai. Since i was to travel to other destinations inside the United Arab Emirates, I also searched for cheap domestic flights.

Dubai brings you to definitely a world where the women aren't allowed to drive cars. They wear hijabs which provides coverage for their heads and wear a burkha that is a black cloak covering them. The cities sky lines are adorned with high buildings which have been built over the years. They increase the charm of the city. The tallest building on the planet the Burj- Khalifa is here in Dubai. It's built in the middle of the sea and it is such an architectural wonder.

We visited the sand dunes eventually, and it was such a bumpy ride. But, it had been fun going over the sand. We even had the opportunity to ride a dirt bike within the sand. The best part was a camel ride within the desert it is called the ship from the desert. The camel is so huge and it has such pretty eyes. The ride onto it was filled with fun. The following event was taming probably the most dangerous birds the vulture and also the eagle. We held out help with food on them to allow them to eat, it was a thrilling experience. However the highlight of the entire holiday was the belly dancing performance that we saw in the desert safari. The women were wearing very pretty clothes and looked elegant. How they danced to the beats of the music. Since I saw them perform I've got a desire to learn this form of dancing.

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