Friday, 16 August 2013

Summer vacation camping tips

Summer is almost here, with it all the things that warm weather brings, like backyard grilling, trips towards the beach, and for many Americans, the beginning of camping season, of sleeping underneath the stars, making s’mores around a bonfire, experiencing the serenity of silence. But camping made a great progress way from putting on a backpack jammed with gear and hiking in to the woods, or loading in the station wagon with sleeping-bags. There are so many unique choices currently available, both in terms of
places to visit and ways to camp that the perception of camping has evolved far beyond a tarp, tent, and poles. Choices vary from yurts and beaches to pack trips and full-service glamping, but even at its most luxurious, camping offers great values for families and vacations - plus lifetime memories.

Camping using the extended family is one of the best summer vacation camping ideas I'm able to think of to have fun and bond with relatives members. This is something that our family members have done since I was a child, and every year memories are put into enrich our lives.When I would be a child, I could not watch for school to let out for that summer. I knew we'd leave for Mount Pisgah inside a few days and I was just so excited. Us would all gather on top of the mountain and relish the summer days as a entire family.

What could be better than vacationing at home! Plan a long weekend where you take off a day or two of work to extend it, and plan fun activities in or around your house! It can be a great way to get out and have a little adventure without spending a ton of money on traveling and overnight costs. Some common staycation ideas include camping in your own backyard, having a movie or game night at home, or attending local festivals and exhibits. Make sure to promise not to do any extra cleaning, yard work, or anything else besides have fun! Also commit to turning off your phones and computers for a while to give yourselves time to relax and disconnect.

Groupon Getaways is a great resource to use in order to find cheaper family vacations for you and the family. Most are package deals that include food, coupons, or entertainment along with your hotel. The only downside is that you usually can't use them for a Friday or Saturday night, so if anything you can use it as an excuse to
take some time off work! Sign up for Groupon Getaway email updates and wait to see if a deal comes through that you will love! Their vacation deals cover everywhere from Paris to Florida!

Do you have friends or family living across the country or down in Florida that you've been meaning to visit? Well it's time to make some plans with them! Staying with family can drastically reduce your vacation cost by cutting out what you would have paid for room and board. All you have to pay are your travel costs, activities, and maybe buying a meal or two for your generous hosts! Plus your friends or family members may be able to suggest fun activities in their area you wouldn't have known about!

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