Tuesday, 20 August 2013

UK Wildlife parks to visit

Visiting zoos and wildlife parks could be a great way to introduce children towards the wonders of the natural world. However, you don’t need to be a child to enjoy the experience. For me personally a day trip to the zoo continues to be one of my most enjoyable days out - and I’m almost 50! They are my some favourite zoos and safari parks below:

Woburn Safari Park: I must admit I thought very hard and long about whether or not to add Woburn Safari Park towards the list because it is so centred around personal car use. Unlike free airline Midlands Safari Park this attraction doesn't permit access to people who use trains and buses and it does not provide a bus service around it safari drive. It’s possibly the reason why I haven’t been for any good number of years, hopefully it'll reconsider it’s hostility to trains and buses users in the future.

Dartmoor Zoological Park: I have just had my fourth visit to a simply wonderful zoo that is just about stayed in existence in recent years and consequently animals are still receiving excellent care from knowledgeable and caring staff. It's really wonderful wildlife park of UK.

ZSL London Zoo: For me personally the Zoological Society of London’s zoo needs to be one of the highlights of any burglary the capital. It’s well worth making a special effort to make it happen as it will definitely be a day trip that your children will remember. Zoos came a long way from the days after i was a child both in animal welfare and presentation. London Zoo has probably been among the zoos at the forefront of this change.

Bristol Zoo: Celebrating 175 years this season Bristol Zoo is probably my closest zoo. It’s certainly the simplest for me to get to by train so I’ve spent many a contented day there exploring the gardens and experiencing and enjoying the animals.Bristol Zoo is a small zoo and thus does not have most of the larger animals that you'd find in a lot of other zoos. The zoo comes with some favorites such as gorillas along with other primates together with lions but don’t anticipate seeing too many large mammals. As I’m a bug and reptile freak this really doesn’t worry me as there’s a wide selection of these. It is also nice UK wildlife park.

West Midlands Safari Park: Safari parks have really become extremely popular over the last 30 years or so. Simply because they tend to be out in the country and canopy substantial areas they offer an outrageous environment for the animals. Simultaneously though these large areas also loses the intimacy of traditional zoos however they can still be great days out.

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